I’ve done work as a web developer since high school, although it’s no longer my main source of income.

Some of the sites I designed have been remade or taken offline. I’m going to eventually put up static copies of how they once looked.

A New Broom

I designed and coded a website for A New Broom, Carrie Oukaour’s feng shui and housecleaning business in New York City. (The website no longer exists.)


My design for FIRSTConnects.Us, a social networking site for FIRST Robotics members, has been replaced with a Drupal-based layout, but mine is still archived online.

Jesse Weiman

I wrote a photo gallery for Jesse Weiman, a photographer who works with me to design websites.

Jesse Weiman and I volunteered to design for the non-profit charity Haitian Earthquake Relief, which is currently providing food, water, and medicine to Haitians after the 2010 earthquake.

Canyon Vizslas

I implemented a CSS-based layout for Canyon Vizslas, home of two champion show dogs, designed by my colleagues at DJvu Design.

Harvey Citron Guitars

I rewrote Harvey Citron Enterprises, seller of handcrafted guitars and basses, using standards-compliant markup instead of <table>s. I also made a simple CMS in PHP, not yet knowing about existing systems like WordPress.